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Children are vulnerable!


So are Parents...

To all concerned PARENTS –


* Worried about your child’s progress at school?


* Is your child underachieving?


* Unhappy at school? Depressed?


* Diagnosed as having a learning difficulty?


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Henry Blumenthal BA LLB

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my daughter is so behind in school


Children need help - they often underachieve in studies because the education system may have allowed them to fall behind in the first place.


They need our help if this has happened.

                                               Educational Advisor - Sydney

how to motivate underachieving students
schooling trouble
my child is struggling in school


Concentration difficulties

What can parents do?

If your child is underachieving in school the cause of this could well be the teaching methods employed.

If your child has been labelled as 'attention deficit" or has difficulty concentrating in the class room, the problem could be that the child has not grasped some earlier basics.


Parents often feel frustrated not being able to help; there are tools that you can use to help your child.

A child's self esteem is affected by poor school progress.

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