Henry Blumenthal (BA, LLB) – Educator -  Author - Family Counsellor

Author of #1 Amazon Best-Seller ‘Blame The Child – It’s Easier’ - Education difficulties solved.


I have worked in education for over 30 years bringing solutions to children, parents and teachers during this time.


I established two private schools in Johannesburg in order to assist students who were not doing well enough in schooling.


I have found that underachieving students could be helped educationally mainly by repairing the gaps that have developed  in their schooling.


I emigrated to Australia in 1996 and served as Literacy Officer in a school in Sydney.  I also remain connected to the education industry through tutoring of schoolgoers in Maths and study skills –as well as training of adults in public relations and communication skills.


Henry Blumenthal. BA, LLB.





Contact Information

Phone:  +61 433 406 808

Location : Sydney Service  Area