• Underachievement  and concentration difficulties [Click]


    I do a full assessment of the child's learning ability in order to find where the child started running into trouble. I teach concentration skills and handle comprehension issues. Tutoring may be required.


    Assessment:  +/- 2 hours

    Concentration skills:  3 - 5 hours


  • Help for Parents [Click]


    I will guide you with tools and tips to better help your child. You are key to your child's progress.



    Approx 5  hours



  • Relationship coaching and counselling [Click]


    I run sessions where most issues which seemed impossible are actually resolved. You will learn the basic principles that govern good relationships.


    Approx 5 - 10 hours



  • One on one counselling [Click]


    I use techniques that reduce the stress of your situations and give you a better understanding of the actual problem that needs handling.


    Approx 6 -10 hours



  • Communication courses for families [Click]


    Communication is the key to harmony in the family. Our short course gets the family to start hearing each other again. Communication in the family is so vital.


    Approx 6 hours / family


Contact Information

Phone:  +61 433 406 808

Location : Sydney Service  Area